Hello! I am Samantha badeau

Breaking Barriers Into Tech, One Code Line At A Time.

“I like to learn. That’s an art and a science.” - Katherine Johnson
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About Me

Hi, my name is Samantha. I am a Full-Stack Web Developer hungry for opportunity to learn. I am a content creator, curating spaces with fellow people in Tech on social media, raising awareness of changes that can be brought to the Tech industry. This is my story.






Content Creation


My Vision Board

What I wish to accomplish during this lifetime


Land first job in Tech


Develop scholarships for underrepresented groups wanting to get into Tech


Continue developing and creating software that continues making an impact on society.


Set up generational financial security for my future children that will last for generations to come after

Technology stacks I have worked with

My Recent Work

I love challenging myself to learn new things and reach my potential.


What people are saying
About me

"Sam is a very bright, motivated and tenacious young engineer who already has great research skills. She’ll be a huge asset to whatever company hires her, with a great attitude, love for technology, and willingness to learn and do what it takes. Additionally, Sam is a very caring and kind team member who cares deeply for the people around her and will be a great team player wherever she ends up."

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Dana S.
Senior Software Engineer

"No matter the nervous moments that felt like they were going to try to take over, Samantha showed a solid and professional demeanor. Samantha dedicated time and effort to learn and interact with the COS Exo Team. We are grateful for her hard work. She has demonstrated strength in areas she thought she did not have and showed a passion and determination to explore the unique aspects of the technical work we here at Exo take pride in. We want nothing more than success for her future endeavors."

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Colorado Springs ExoAnalytic Team
Engineering Team

"I know Samantha is incredibly dedicated and is the type of person to put in the hours to actually understand something and not just send the first thing through that compiles or works. She is efficient of requiring assistance in a timely manner and collaborating with team members in getting the job done."

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Josh S
Senior Software Engineer

My Latest Blog Posts About My Journey Into Tech

Stay tuned for further developments of my testimony of overcoming barriers.
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